101 in 1001

The idea is to set in writing 101 things that I would like to accomplish in the next 1001 days.  Often times, the happenings of daily life takes us away from the things that we would like to do and the things that we know we should do.  My hope is that this list will help me to keep my goals (some very serious, others just good fun) in perspective and become a healthier, happier and better person.

The goals are listed in random order.  I have put a time frame around some of the goals based on how long I think that it will take me to get into the habit of doing that thing all the time.

The start date is January 1, 2009 and the end date is September 29, 2011.

Wish me luck!

  1. Make a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days.
  2. Professionally print and frame pictures from our wedding.
  3. With Dave, write a journal of all the things we did on our honeymoon.
  4. Make a scrapbook of all the honeymoon pictures and memories.
  5. Make a scrapbook of all the wedding pictures and memories.
  6. Get a full physical.
  7. Take a multivitamin everyday (90 days).
  8. Get on a scale.
  9. Set a realistic and healthy weight loss goal.
  10. Achieve that realistic and healthy weight loss goal.
  11. Run a 10 minute mile again.
  12. Give up alcohol for Lent.
  13. Floss everyday (90 days).
  14. Get an eye exam.
  15. Get a passport.
  16. Leave the country.
  17. Set up a joint checking account with Dave.
  18. Develop a joint savings plan with Dave and stick to it (1 year).
  19. Change my name on everything.
  20. Insure my engagement ring and our wedding bands.
  21. Learn how to play a video game.
  22. Return to Whitewater, WI for our one year anniversary.
  23. Learn exactly what all those buttons on the camera do.
  24. Get full family medical history from both families.
  25. Completely sort through all of those boxes.
  26. Set up a system to sort incoming mail and pay bills on time.
  27. Set up a filing system.
  28. Finish decorating the apartment.
  29. Say morning and evening Liturgy of the Hours prayers everyday (90 days).
  30. Go on a pilgrimage.
  31. Read the entire Bible.
  32. Spend more quality time with both of my parents.
  33. Completely assemble a 5,000+ piece puzzle.
  34. Get my bike repaired.
  35. Go on a day long bike ride with Dave.
  36. Return all of the pictures I used for our wedding to my Mom and to my Mother-in-law.
  37. Make an extensive French flash card collection.
  38. Memorize every last French flash card.
  39. Hire a French tutor to work with me once a week (6 months).
  40. Read a complete novel in French.
  41. Go to a Chicago Council on Global Affairs French foreign language dinner.
  42. Travel somewhere and speak French.
  43. Buy 10+ new musical CD’s in French.
  44. Start dressing more professionally at work (i.e. all suits and no hair bands).
  45. Organize all of my contacts at work.
  46. Completely organize my files and desk at work.
  47. Start bringing in clients at work.
  48. Redecorate my office.
  49. Read one professional book for work every month (1 year).
  50. Read a book on the complete history of Chicago.
  51. Read a science fiction book.
  52. Give into my book club, and read something by Jane Austen.
  53. Take my lunch to work everyday, excluding client lunches (1 month).
  54. Do not order dinner out (1 month).
  55. Visit all of the family grave sites in Terre Haute and Clinton, IN.
  56. Adopt another cat.
  57. Take an architectural tour of Chicago.
  58. Start a project to scan, save and file all of the old pictures from both families.
  59. Start a project to research and write down the stories and biographies from both families.
  60. Volunteer my time doing community service.
  61. Memorize a short list of important phone numbers.
  62. Be in the financial position to start looking at buying a house.
  63. Start a family.
  64. Embroider something.
  65. Watch a movie with Dave once a week (6 weeks).
  66. Go to an IMAX movie that Dave wants to see.
  67. Watch all of the Star Wars movies.
  68. Host a game night.
  69. Master the three introduction to piano instructional books.
  70. Learn to play “Morning has Broken” on the piano and record it.
  71. Take a cooking class and learn a type of cooking I have never tried to make before.
  72. Take an exercise class and learn a type of exercising I have never tried before.
  73. See Yellowstone National Park.
  74. See the Redwood Forest.
  75. See the Grand Canyon.
  76. See New Orleans.
  77. Go back to Mammoth Caves National Park.
  78. Travel to visit Brian and Katrina.
  79. Travel to visit Maggie at Ball State.
  80. Travel to visit Morgan wherever she goes to college next year.
  81. Take a trip on a train.
  82. Throw out all of my old pots and pans and start cooking on all stainless steel cookware.
  83. Try a completely new recipe once a week (6 weeks).
  84. Every work night, be in bed by 11 PM (1 month).
  85. Get a facial at a spa.
  86. Hem a pair of pants.
  87. Learn how to make and can homemade jams and jellies.
  88. Learn how to make homemade applesauce and apple butter.
  89. Learn how to make homemade biscuits and gravy.
  90. Learn how to make homemade limoncello.
  91. Master the art of making a pie crust from scratch.
  92. Make homemade Christmas presents one year.
  93. Take Dave out for drinks at the Signature Room.
  94. Try surfing.
  95. Sharpen my ice skates and go ice skating again.
  96. Spend a lazy weekend day at the Art Institute of Chicago with Dave.
  97. Teach Moxie to scratch something other than that chair.
  98. Go on a full winery tour.
  99. Do light weight exercises with arms every day (90 days).
  100. Do sit-ups every day (90 days).
  101. Take an art class.

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