Change of plans

Posted by Katie on December 25, 2008
Christmas, Winter


Dave and I spent Christmas Eve in the ER.  We had the presents wrapped, the car packed and we were walking out the door to drive to my parent’s house.  Dave fell on the ice.  He heard a crack.  We drove to the hospital.

The good news is that there are no broken bones.  The doctors were worried about a contusion and put Dave’s arm in a full temporary cast.  We are going to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow for a follow up appointment.

The other good news is that we have had a very quiet and very relaxing first Christmas alone together.

Chinese take out anyone?

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  • Turned out it’s just a bruised joint, with some swelling in the elbow, nothing serious.

    The arm’s doing better, the doc encouraged me not to keep it in the sling all the time, except if it’s hurting a lot, but rather to try to start using it, flexing it, and carefully stretching it so it doesn’t get tight. With Ibuprofen, it doesn’t hurt generally, unless I try to do something strenuous, like use a mouse. Typing is mostly one-handed.

    Thanks to everyone for the concern! Thank God it wasn’t broken. It sure felt like it at the time.

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