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Posted by Katie on December 29, 2008
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Wii Christmas

Santa Clause didn’t know that Dave had his arm in a sling when he put a Wii under the Christmas tree.  But a sling didn’t stop my husband from playing the Wii left handed.

The day after Christmas, we did finally make it out of town to visit my family in Indiana.  It was a nice, relaxing and quiet trip.  Great presents were exchanged.  My parents loved the wedding album we put together.  And everyone tried their hand at a Wii Sport game.  A few became fierce competitors.  You can see here a picture of Dave and my sister, Morgan, competing in baseball while my brother, Michael, looks on.

Dave’s arm is doing better.  The doctor pronounced it as seriously bruised.   There is no lasting muscle, ligament or bone damage.  It is still very sore, but should start to heal itself within two to three weeks.

Thank God it isn’t broken!

Oh, and Dave surprised me and shaved for the Christmas break.  My Mom’s reaction when we walked in the door on Friday, “Oh, Dave, you look so young!”

I think I am losing the war.

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