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Ever plan a wedding?

Posted by Katie on December 11, 2008
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If you have ever planned a wedding, you know the drama.   The “to do” lists.  The budgeting.  The vendor contracts.  The negotiations.  The time off work.  Let’s write newsletters.  The stress.  The security deposits.  The exact shade of blue for the linens.  Your mind is racing.  The glitches.  The compromises.  The logistics.  Let’s frame 120 pictures.  The maps.  The sleep deprivation.  Could you get a raise at work?  And a second job?  The nightmares about everything that could possibly go wrong.  The tears.

As Dave said before we got married, “If we can plan this wedding, we can do anything.”

And then all the good stuff happens.  Your family and friends are amazing.  They help make everything come together, and help you keep things in perspective…just a little.  After all this planning, you are actually getting MARRIED.  Through all those tense moments, you actually learn to listen and work together a bit better…just a little.  And before you know it, you are married and blogging about your wedding which happened half a year ago.

Dave and I had an absolutely wonderful wedding day.  We are both so happy with the wedding, the reception and all of the loving and generous people who celebrated with us.  One of our favorite parts of the wedding was spending the day with all of our family and friends.  Our very favorite part of the wedding was getting married!

The start of a marriage…and a blog

Posted by Katie on December 07, 2008
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Dave and I have almost been married for six months.  Six months!  Six months?  Have we actually made it that far?  How did we do that?  We didn’t even call the cops once.  Must be some sort of divine intervention.  Or the large quantity of wine that was left over from the wedding reception!

The truth is that since we got married in June, we have not had the chance to actually settle in and make a home for ourselves.  Time sure does fly when you are constantly in some stage of packing, moving or unpacking!  There were the two months that we had our master bedroom set up in the living room because of all the water and mold damage.  And then we came home from my sister’s wedding in October to find a note from the bank explaining that they had foreclosed on our landlord.  Surprise!  Move out!  Now!  We packed up everything we owned and moved the piano and the cat once again.

Despite the chaos, marriage has been a great blessing.  How lucky am I to have a husband who is so patient and loving, especially when things get tough?  But through all this marital bliss, there are some funny stories to share.

And now you can read all these funny stories on our blog!