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Posted by Katie on January 31, 2009
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It was not planned at all, but ever since I started cooking healthier, we have gravitated toward the dinner table to eat our meals instead of the sofa and the flat screen TV.


#72 – Done

Posted by Katie on January 29, 2009
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#72 – Take an exercise class and learn a type of exercising I have never tried before.

Picture me high.  That’s right…high as a kite.  Strung out.  Trippin’.  On the good stuff.

I have my eyes closed.  My head is relaxed.  My hands are up in the air, swaying this way and that to the music.  The band is awesome.  My hips are swinging.  Oh, it’s the 1960’s.  We are in New York….the very best part of New York…Upstate!  Who are all these wonderful people around me?  Wow, man, this is amazing.  I love you all.

Now, alter your vision of me ever so slightly.

I am not actually high, but don’t ask me to drive you home because we would totally get pulled over.  It is a Thursday evening in Chicago.  I am wearing gym clothes.  My eyes are closed.  My head is relaxed.  My hands are up in the air, swaying this way and that to the music.  My hips are swinging.  I am in a dance studio.  I am with my 10 new best friends.  We all paid money to dance like this.

This totally counts as #72 on my 101 in 1001 list.

And I am totally going back next week.  This was the best workout I have had in a long time.

No, seriously, I may not be able to walk tomorrow.

WW = WoW?

Posted by Katie on January 28, 2009
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Oh no.  Read this.

Am I only a step away from World of Warcraft?

Diet update

Posted by Katie on January 25, 2009
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Two weeks into Weight Watchers, and things are going really well.  I was very happy to learn last Sunday that I lost 3 lbs. the first week and today I learned that I lost 2.5 lbs. the second week.

I feel great.  I have more energy.  I have much clearer skin, which is probably form the very large quantities of water that I have been drinking.  And I have not been left hungry at all on this diet.  I have focused on eating a lot of healthy foods including lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.  All of these things are relatively low on the Weight Watchers points scale, so I can eat enough to keep me full.

The most difficult part of the new diet has been getting into the habit of cooking healthy every day.  I am used to coming home from work and finding something in the refrigerator to make into a yummy dinner.  I have never planned ahead.  I have always shopped for groceries that I know make good ingredients and then made things happen in the kitchen.  And if the right ingredients were not there, I would pick up the phone and order out.  I am working on planning ahead more so that cooking healthy at home every day is easier.

Being on a diet has had some benefits in other areas of my life, including some of my 101 in 1001 goals.  Weight Watchers online program asks you to check off a box when you take a multivitamin every day (#7).  It sounds silly, but I need something like this to keep track of taking vitamins.  I can never remember if I actually took them or not.  Also I have been taking my lunch to work everyday (#53).  This helps me stay within my points, but saves money too.   And we have not ordered out once in the last two weeks (#54).

Dave has been dutifully eating all the yummy healthy food I have been cooking, and supplementing it with ice cream, candy and beer.  He has not lost any weight.

The Age of Innocence

Posted by Katie on January 24, 2009
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“He perceived with a flash of chilling insight that in the future many problems would be thus negatively solved for him; but as he paid the hansom and followed his wife’s long train into the house he took refuge in the comforting platitude that the first six months were always the most difficult in marriage.  “After that I suppose we shall have pretty nearly finished rubbing off each other’s angles.” he reflected; but the worst of it was that May’s pressure was already bearing on the very angles whose sharpness he most wanted to keep.”

This is a quote from my most recent book club read, The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton.  This book, published in 1920, is set in the 1870’s amongst New York’s wealthy upper class.  It is a sharp commentary on society at the time and the things that make up a marriage, both from the external social perspective and from behind closed doors.  This book won a Pulitzer Prize in 1921, the first Pulitzer Prize ever to be awarded to a woman.

Dave and I are pretty lucky to have had a good start to our marriage.  So we got evicted, what of it?  That might have ruined us socially in 1870’s New York, but is not so important to making a marriage really work.  That being said, put any two people who have made a commitment before God to love and honor each other all the days of their lives under the same roof, and they are going to try to correct some of those sharp angles that they see in each other.

So what are your keys to marital happiness?  Did you get to keep any of the “very angles whose sharpness you most wanted to keep”?

Wii Fit

Posted by Katie on January 17, 2009
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We might not be getting ALL of those chores done this weekend, but we have not hesitated to devote hours to our new toy, the Wii Fit.

If you can get past the initial shock of a video game making you just as chubby on the screen as you are in real life, it is actually quite fun.  It does give you a good workout, and there are lots of games for balance, strength and cardiovascular activity.  Just be prepared, the Wii Fit may refer to you as an “amateur” and a “couch potato”.  Oh, and it reminds you to brush your teeth.

Serious cut throat Wii Fit hoola hoop competitions between husband and wife are healhty, right?

#8 & #9 – Done & Done

Posted by Katie on January 14, 2009
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#8 – Get on a scale.

#9 – Set a realistic and healthy weight loss goal.

Damn.  Goal #8 was rough.

Confession – I had not been on a scale in at least three years.  It is the truth.  I knew that I had gained weight.  I knew that I was eating too much, drinking too much and not exercising enough.  I quit going to the gym regularly two years ago when I lost my front tooth in a bike accident.  I was wearing larger sizes.  I knew that I was overweight, I just did not know the number!

And while I knew that I was overweight, I always thought that I was eating fairly healthy food.  I avoid highly processed foods like nothing else.  I never ever eat fast food.  I love to cook…a lot!  And while I almost exclusively cook with natural, organic and unprocessed ingredients, those ingredients include butter, cheese, wine, bacon…all the very best stuff.

Last weekend I got on a scale, and knowing the number is a reality check.

Making the decision to set a weight loss goal is not so much about the number, but about leading a healthier life.  I want to live a long and active life.  I want to be available for my family and friends.  I want to reduce my risk for things such as cancer and diabetes.  And when Dave and I start our own family, I want to teach our children the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle.  You can not preach, however, what you do not practice.  And I have proven, by three years without getting on a scale, that I need to know the number to keep things in check.  It is one thing to say that I am being healthy by eating natural food, but I need an external gauge to let me know if I am right or wrong.

I also need structure in a weight loss program.  I need to relearn the discipline of making daily choices that are really healthy, not just natural, and I need a way to measure the process and the progress.

So, the big news is that I have joined Weight Watchers.  My goal is to be at a weight of 150 lbs.  (You would be crazy if you thought I would post my starting weight on the internet!)  I was at 150 lbs. just over three years ago, and this number would put me back in a very healthy weight range for my height.

I have signed up for their online program, instead of going to their traditional meetings.  This will provide the structure that I need, while fitting easily into my busy schedule.  Basically, I keep track of the foods that I eat on a daily basis and work to keep my food intake within a certain point range.  I also keep track of my daily activities and earn points towards food with various exercises.  I weigh myself every week.  The Weight Watchers website provides a wealth of recipes and tips for keeping within your points.  While you are allowed to eat anything on the program, making the choice to eat an apple (1 point) instead of a slice of pizza (9+ points) keeps you better within your daily and weekly point goals and starts the process of making healthier lifelong choices.

I have been on the program for a couple days now, and things are going well.  I have enjoyed the challenge of cooking healthier, while still making things taste good.  I have been surprised by tracking my food exactly how many calories I am used to eating.  And by making better lower fat choices, I have not been left hungry.

As you may imagine, this has not been an easy choice to make and has been an emotional issue.  Dave has been amazingly supportive through this decision process.  He has been by my side and willing to talk through all of this.

Based on last night’s dinner, however, I do believe Dave draws the line at cooked spinach!

Wish me luck.

Snow day

Posted by Katie on January 10, 2009
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We called a snow day today in Chicago.

I sure do wish we had storage for the bikes.

#20 – Done

Posted by Katie on January 10, 2009
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#20 – Insure my engagement ring and our wedding bands.

I am on a roll getting things on the 101 in 1001 list done.  At this rate, I will be done in…well, you do the math.

Or I am just focusing on the things that I can do downtown on a lunch break…hmmm.

I need a big project.

The $1,200 ride to the airport

Posted by Katie on January 08, 2009
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I spent several days this week in Oklahoma City for work.   Dave was nice enough to wake up at 5 AM on Tuesday morning to drive me to the airport.  We hit a Chicago city pothole.

Two tires, two wheels, one police report, $1,200 and one hailed taxi on Western Avenue very early in the morning later…I made my flight.