The $1,200 ride to the airport

Posted by Katie on January 08, 2009
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I spent several days this week in Oklahoma City for work.   Dave was nice enough to wake up at 5 AM on Tuesday morning to drive me to the airport.  We hit a Chicago city pothole.

Two tires, two wheels, one police report, $1,200 and one hailed taxi on Western Avenue very early in the morning later…I made my flight.

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  • Ho. ly. Cow.

    Come to think of it, we had a permanent problem with the alignment on our last car, due to one particular evil street in DC.

    With all that, I’m amazed you were still able to make your flight!

  • Since the damage was caused by a pothole that the city of Chicago hadn’t fixed, we can file a claim with the city for reimbursement of the expenses. But you can’t file the claim unless you have a police report.

    Wish us luck getting our money from Mayor Daley.

  • Hmmm… A leaky roof and ruined wall; a surprise eviction; an icy sidewalk and a hurt elbow; two damaged wheels and tires — sounds like Chicago is an exciting (and expensive) place to live.
    You two are getting more than your share of challenges in the first few months of your marriage.
    Seriously, I pray nothing else bad happens to you for a long time! Stay close to your guardian angels!

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