Wii Fit

Posted by Katie on January 17, 2009
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We might not be getting ALL of those chores done this weekend, but we have not hesitated to devote hours to our new toy, the Wii Fit.

If you can get past the initial shock of a video game making you just as chubby on the screen as you are in real life, it is actually quite fun.  It does give you a good workout, and there are lots of games for balance, strength and cardiovascular activity.  Just be prepared, the Wii Fit may refer to you as an “amateur” and a “couch potato”.  Oh, and it reminds you to brush your teeth.

Serious cut throat Wii Fit hoola hoop competitions between husband and wife are healhty, right?

4 Comments to Wii Fit

  • Bwa ha ha! Make sure you beat Dave good. Wish I could watch you! 🙂

    We don’t have a Wii, but we do have Dance Dance Revolution for PS2. I think I should pull it out and challenge Mr. Pickles to a dancing duel!

  • Hey there, Amy gave me your website, hope you don’t mind! I like being able to catch up with everyone! Especially right now when I’m home and have very little to do, not that a five week old isn’t entertaining, but you catch my drift I’m sure 🙂

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