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Posted by Katie on January 25, 2009
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Two weeks into Weight Watchers, and things are going really well.  I was very happy to learn last Sunday that I lost 3 lbs. the first week and today I learned that I lost 2.5 lbs. the second week.

I feel great.  I have more energy.  I have much clearer skin, which is probably form the very large quantities of water that I have been drinking.  And I have not been left hungry at all on this diet.  I have focused on eating a lot of healthy foods including lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.  All of these things are relatively low on the Weight Watchers points scale, so I can eat enough to keep me full.

The most difficult part of the new diet has been getting into the habit of cooking healthy every day.  I am used to coming home from work and finding something in the refrigerator to make into a yummy dinner.  I have never planned ahead.  I have always shopped for groceries that I know make good ingredients and then made things happen in the kitchen.  And if the right ingredients were not there, I would pick up the phone and order out.  I am working on planning ahead more so that cooking healthy at home every day is easier.

Being on a diet has had some benefits in other areas of my life, including some of my 101 in 1001 goals.  Weight Watchers online program asks you to check off a box when you take a multivitamin every day (#7).  It sounds silly, but I need something like this to keep track of taking vitamins.  I can never remember if I actually took them or not.  Also I have been taking my lunch to work everyday (#53).  This helps me stay within my points, but saves money too.   And we have not ordered out once in the last two weeks (#54).

Dave has been dutifully eating all the yummy healthy food I have been cooking, and supplementing it with ice cream, candy and beer.  He has not lost any weight.

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