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Posted by Katie on February 05, 2009
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Everyone knows that I like it when Dave shaves.  Yes, yes, part of this has to do with kissing.  It’s true.  Nobody likes a scratchy kiss.  But part of why I like to see Dave clean-shaven is because I like the way it looks.  I think that he looks cleaner, neater and less shady.  Not that my husband is shady, but you understand.  My opinion on facial hair, however, does not just apply to Dave.

I would like to present a few pieces of evidence in support of my opinion that all guys look better clean-shaven…

Exhibit A – This is my brother, Michael.  Don’t be scared.  He really is a nice guy under all that scruff.  This picture was taken a few years ago on St. Patrick’s Day.  This was the very day that he skipped around the local grocery store, dressed as a leprechaun, singing “Where are me Lucky Charms?  They’re Magically Delicious!”  Like I said, he is a very nice young man under all the hair…and comedy!


Exhibit B – Michael has recently shaved and cut his hair.  He sent me this picture and an e-mail the other day saying, “Blog about this.”  Well, ok.  He cleans up nicely, no?  Not scary

A couple of years ago, Michael and I spent the summer together in Chicago.  Good times were had by all.  He slept on my futon.  I charged him rent.  He has yet to forgive me for that.  Anyhow, that summer I lined up a temp job for him at a law firm in the suburbs somewhere.  I made him shave and wear a suit for his first day on the job.  He walked into the law firm and all the attorneys were wearing blue jeans and sporting facial hair.  I believe one of the attorneys actually said, “Oh, look how cute you are in your suit.  You can take off your jacket and tie now.”  He has also yet to forgive me for that.

Maybe he will forgive me for this?

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  • Begorra and he sure looks more the genteel rogue with the face hair! Reminds of the fine broth of an Irish lad in “Whiskey in the Jar”:


    As I went a-walkin’ on Kilgary Mountain,
    I spied Colonel Pepper, and his money he was countin’;
    I rattled out my pistols and I drew forth my saber,
    Cryin’, “Stand and deliver, for I am a bold deceiver.”

    Musha rig um du rum da,
    Whack fol the daddy o,
    Whack fol the daddy o,
    There’s whisky in the jar.

    The gold and silver coins, they looked so bright and shiny,
    Oh, I took them home straightway, and I gave ’em to my Molly;
    She vowed and she promised that she never would deceive me,
    But the devil’s in the women, oh, you never can believe ’em.

    But when I awoke between six and seven,
    The guards were all around me in numbers odd and even;
    I reached for my pistols, but alas, I was mistaken;
    My pistols had been fired, and a prisoner I was taken.

    They put me in the jail without judge or writin’,
    For robbing Colonel Pepper, oh, on Kilgary Mountain,
    But they didn’t take my fists, so I knocked the sentry down,
    And bade farewell to the jail in Sligo town.

    Some people take delight in fishin’ and in bowlin’;
    Oh, others take delight in the carriages a-rollin’;
    But I take delight in the juice of the barley,
    And courtin’ pretty girls ’til the morning so early.

  • Michael is adorable either way, but I kind of like the hair! Look at that curl in the middle of his forehead … it’s a chick magnet!

  • Michael called me at work yesterday to tell me that he’s not mad.

    What other funny Michael stories do you have?

  • Poor Katie is getting no support here. Couldn’t we all just get along & compromise? Make Dave use a fur-softening shampoo? Only have a beard in winter? Maybe have a beard on only half his face? Pound them in with a hammer & make him bite them off inside?

  • I think if either Dave, or Micheal, want facial hair they have to be willing to shave their heads! So, you either get hair on your head or hair on your face! Or I suppose, they could have half a head of hair and half a beard. =p