#96 – Done

Posted by Katie on February 17, 2009
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#96 – Spend a lazy weekend day at the Art Institute of Chicago with Dave.

Is it still a Valentine’s Day date when you have to drag your husband (and yourself, for that matter!) out of bed early on a Saturday morning?

Well, that is exactly what we did.

We are members of the Art Institute.  This means that we can show up an hour before opening time and get into the Art Institute and all of the special exhibits free of charge.  We thought that we would be able to casually view the current Edvard Munch exhibit, taking our time and enjoying the exhibit as members.  Well, it turns out that there are a lot of other members.  We enjoyed the exhibit, but had to push our way through the crowds.

And much to my disappointment, they did not have The Scream – the painting, but only The Scream – the black and white lithograph.  I turned every corner in the exhibit looking for the painting, holding out hope until the end.  Dave gave up hope as soon as we saw the tiny little black and white lithograph.  Different versions of the painting have been stolen, damaged, put up for ransom and recovered by the Norwegian police.  So what?  I still thought it would be there.  And I had my expectations set pretty darn high after admiring The Scream – the 8 ft. tall inflatable doll at the touristy gift shop across the street.

The “lazy” part of this goal came after the Munch exhibit when we wandered around the museum, ate lunch and admired all of the great works of art that were closest to benches.

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