Moment of Zen

Posted by Katie on February 21, 2009
Relaxation, Weight Loss


In addition to my Nia class, which I continue to love, Love, LOVE, I have been taking an intro to yoga class on Monday evenings.   I have always been naturally flexible, so the stretching part of yoga is easy.  It is the strength and toning parts that kill me.  I have been shocked at how much of a workout this one hour intro class has been, or maybe I should just be shocked at how out of shape I am.

There are only a couple of girls in the class, so I have really received good instruction from the teacher.  And the breathing and relaxation aspects of yoga do wonders for my mental health.

Every Monday night I have the most peaceful, relaxing and restful night of sleep ever.  Every Tuesday morning I am so sore that I can hardly move.

Oh, and I took this photo at the Art Institute last weekend.  It is a sculpture of God Genesha, the Hindu Remover of Obstacles.  This piece is dated from the 9th or 10th century and is from Indonesia.

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  • P.S. I used to do Yoga exercises – they had a class at work. It did wonders for my back problems (along with fencing). Have had no troubles since. Good Work!

  • Shiva H. Vishnu! That’s an old statue. Just hope the god Genesha doesn’t ruin your wedding in an attempt to break off your arranged marriage!

    (Ask Dave about the reference)

  • hey the Oleksandr,where can I order these metal casings with engarved pictures. I am a photographer as well from WA, I heard of you from my friend in Nj. ??? ????????? Your work is awsome. especially restoration images, amazing .If I am getting married, you’re hired:)

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