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Posted by Katie on March 05, 2009
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Life is moving along as usual.  “Usual” usually equals crazy, frenetic and hectic in my world.  You would think that with the usual pace of things I would have at least one witty, funny or quirky post for the blog.  It seems that I do not. 

We went to Dave’s grandfather’s funeral last week.  I wish I had had the opportunity to meet him while he was alive, as he certainly set a healthy and holy example of how to live to his family.  Apparently he wrote his own memoirs several years back, and I look forward to reading them. 

It was great to see old pictures from Dave’s family, and hear old stories.  I know a lot of things about my side of the family, and have seen many pictures over the years, but don’t really know much about Dave’s ancestors.  I would love to learn more. 

We visited with family at the funeral and I got to play with my favorite baby pickles.  My niece Miriam asked, “When you get pregnant, will you be happy to quit your job?”  Oh, you kids say the darnedest things!

Dave’s parents visited us for two nights during the last week, as they were traveling back and forth from the funeral.  It was wonderful to visit with them, as we do not often get the chance.  They didn’t even seem to notice the smell of bleach and Windex, as we had frantically cleaned the place and shoved mounds of dirty laundry into closets the day before they came.

Two weeks ago I bragged to Dave about how I had not gotten sick all winter, nagging him to take vitamins and wash his hands more.  The very next day I got a cold.  And then I passed it to Dave.

I have developed an odd spasm in my eyelid, the likes of which I have only had one other time in my life – the entire two months before our wedding.  Weird.

Our previous landlord, the one who still owes us our security deposit, is MIA.

I am deeply enthralled in a Stephen King book I picked up last weekend.  

Dave is practicing the piano a lot, as he is playing for a wedding next week. 

Oh, and I gave up alcohol for Lent.  OH, that’s probably where all my creative blog ideas went! 

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