Posted by Katie on March 23, 2009

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“Old” by Paul Simon

I celebrated my 31’st birthday last week.

Only a few very short years ago I would have counted a birthday a true success if it was celebrated with lots of friends and family, a few people I had never met before nor have seen since, prerequisite St. Patrick’s Day green on everyone invited to the party, lots of loud music and a smashing lot of Irish quality drinking.  I am being honest, here.  I did get to ride on a float in the Chicago South Side St. Patrick’s Day parade, you know?

This year was celebrated with a quiet evening out with Dave.  We had a wonderful preview of spring on my birthday.  And I couldn’t wait to spend a nice night out with my husband.

So, this is the 30’s, huh?  Celebrating good weather and a chance to talk with your spouse over a fancy dinner?  It’s pretty great actually.

I remember a few naysayers mentioning that in high school and college I should enjoy things while they lasted because “these are the best days of your life”.  Not so, my friends, not so.  The truth is that I am happier now than I ever remember being.  These days of being 30+ are pretty damn good so far.

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    And we are very happy that you are happy.

    (Excellent song selection, too!)

  • Uh? What? Science AND Math? As a birthday wish? Je ne comprends pas.

    Since we speak entirely different languages, and I don’t quite know how to interpret a wish that references Uranium, I will assume that your comment is equal to the very highest compliment on Star Wars.

    Why, thank you, Joe 😉

  • I don’t quite know how to interpret a wish that references Uranium,

    ROTFLOL! I apologize for the extreme nerdiness of my family. And I’m glad you had a good birthday. There’s something to be said for a quiet celebration nonetheless filled with glory.

  • You’re not too old to play Mario Kart religiously for two weeks and then surprise your sister and brother-in-law by kicking our butts. You sneaky, sneaky woman. (P.S. You may have won this time, but I’m 27.)

  • I love the song! I can identify with most of it.

    Paul Simon is from my generation, and I’ve always liked his music. Thanks for the link.

    –Mama Nerd

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