Spring beauties

Posted by Katie on April 08, 2009
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spring beauties

See all of that white stuff on the ground?  It is not snow, but a blanket of spring beauties!

This is a picture from a park close to my parent’s house.  As a kid I remember this mystical time each spring when these flowers came out.  It was a sure sign that winter had passed, and a reminder to enjoy the beauty of spring while it lasted.

These flowers only bloom for a short time each spring, and only open up in the sunlight.  They are quickly outgrown by the grass that surrounds them.  Then the park department mows them all down.   I would hate to have the job of taking a riding lawn mower to all these flowers.

Dave and I spent last weekend in Indiana visiting with my family.  It is always great to see the family.  Being in Indiana to see the spring beauties this year was just an extra treat.

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