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Clean house

Posted by Katie on May 23, 2009
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With a marathon of Clean House episodes on in the background for inspiration, today is cleaning day at our apartment.   Laundry is being done.  Bleach is being used.  Boxes are being emptied.  Things are being shredded.  Old clothes are being donated.

Think we should keep the hairy black and white number I found at the bottom of the laundry basket?

Time goes by too fast

Posted by Katie on May 17, 2009
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Katie, what have you been up to lately?  Well, since you asked…

We traveled to visit my family last weekend for Mother’s Day and a graduation party.  My brother Micheal and his girlfriend Katie are both officially college graduates now.  Michael has a job lined up in Chicago which starts in June.  He found an apartment in Chicago and will be moving in next week.  He will be living only two blocks away from us.  Katie will be attending graduate school in Chicago at Loyola starting this fall.


Getting back to last weekend for a minute, we had a relaxing visit with the family.  The nice weather allowed for lots of outside games.  A great time was had by all.


My little sister Morgan can drive now!  I am positive that she appreciated me taking pictures of her driving, as I was her first official passenger since she recently got her license.


My Mom traveled north with us last Sunday and spent the week with us in Chicago.  It was a treat to have her around all week.  In my Mom’s true form, she went straight to work.  Pictures were framed and hung.  Furniture was rearranged.  This is the table she refinished while we were at work.  She also made curtains and left Chicago with a list of sewing projects she will be bringing back next week when she helps Michael move into his new apartment.  She even convinced me that I could possibly paint two of the chairs she didn’t get to and she loaned me a staple gun to reupholster all of the chairs.   Wish me luck on that one!


On Thursday, my Mom’s sister Becky flew into Chicago from Tampa to visit.  My Mom finally stopped working and we started to play the tourist.


This is the view from the top of the Sear’s tower on a rainy day.  You can see the top of the John Hancock building and the spire of the newly constructed Trump Tower.


Tourist destinations are really really fun when there are no tourists around.  And yes, that is “zero visibility” out of the windows of the Sears Tower Sky Deck.  But look, no tourists!


And I saved the very best picture for last.  This is us zooming around on Segways.  Awesome!


We also visited with Amy’s in-laws who live in Chicago.  Then my Dad drove to Chicago on Saturday and everyone left this morning.

I had an absolutely wonderful week visiting with everyone.

Now I am going to bed.  I assume the cat will wake up from her nap in about a week.

Not skinny…yet

Posted by Katie on May 06, 2009
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While I have not yet reached my goal of being 150 pounds again, I have lost over 30 pounds since starting Weight Watchers in January.

30 pounds? Really? I don’t believe you!

Well, yes.  I am having a hard time believing it myself to be honest with you, but the scale keeps confirming it.  And I would go out and buy a new scale, except for the fact that my clothes are all loose and I keep getting compliments from random people.  So, I am going to go with the fact that I have lost over 30 pounds.

This has been a good program for me.  I say “program”, rather than “diet” because, well, it doesn’t really seem like a diet.  It seems more like a lifestyle change with a friendly reminder.  I eat healthy, exercise regularly and give myself some room to splurge occasionally.  Keeping track of everything is just the “friendly reminder” part.

Weight Watchers reminds me to consistently make healthy choices in what I eat and what I do, but I haven’t really learned anything new.  Heck, I have always known the secrets to success – eat less, exercise more.  We all know this.  I, however, needed Weight Watchers as a tool of self-control and discipline to remind me on a daily basis of those things that I already knew.

And it is working!

#79 – Done

Posted by Katie on May 04, 2009
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#79 – Travel to visit Maggie at Ball State.

College was such a very long time ago.  Nine years in fact.  Life can change a lot in nine years, you know?  What I’m getting at here is that Dave and I are a bit removed from “college life”.

We spent last weekend visiting my sister Maggie at Ball State in Muncie, IN. It was great to visit with Maggie and see her in her “natural student habitat”.  While our days of dorm life, student councils, roommates, cramming for finals, sleeping-in late just to run to class in sweat pants without a shower are over, Maggie is still living the student life.

Maggie, enjoy being a student while it lasts.  Oh, and don’t worry, living like a student will not last forever!