#79 – Done

Posted by Katie on May 04, 2009
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#79 – Travel to visit Maggie at Ball State.

College was such a very long time ago.  Nine years in fact.  Life can change a lot in nine years, you know?  What I’m getting at here is that Dave and I are a bit removed from “college life”.

We spent last weekend visiting my sister Maggie at Ball State in Muncie, IN. It was great to visit with Maggie and see her in her “natural student habitat”.  While our days of dorm life, student councils, roommates, cramming for finals, sleeping-in late just to run to class in sweat pants without a shower are over, Maggie is still living the student life.

Maggie, enjoy being a student while it lasts.  Oh, and don’t worry, living like a student will not last forever!

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