Not skinny…yet

Posted by Katie on May 06, 2009
Weight Loss

While I have not yet reached my goal of being 150 pounds again, I have lost over 30 pounds since starting Weight Watchers in January.

30 pounds? Really? I don’t believe you!

Well, yes.  I am having a hard time believing it myself to be honest with you, but the scale keeps confirming it.  And I would go out and buy a new scale, except for the fact that my clothes are all loose and I keep getting compliments from random people.  So, I am going to go with the fact that I have lost over 30 pounds.

This has been a good program for me.  I say “program”, rather than “diet” because, well, it doesn’t really seem like a diet.  It seems more like a lifestyle change with a friendly reminder.  I eat healthy, exercise regularly and give myself some room to splurge occasionally.  Keeping track of everything is just the “friendly reminder” part.

Weight Watchers reminds me to consistently make healthy choices in what I eat and what I do, but I haven’t really learned anything new.  Heck, I have always known the secrets to success – eat less, exercise more.  We all know this.  I, however, needed Weight Watchers as a tool of self-control and discipline to remind me on a daily basis of those things that I already knew.

And it is working!

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