Clean house

Posted by Katie on May 23, 2009


With a marathon of Clean House episodes on in the background for inspiration, today is cleaning day at our apartment.   Laundry is being done.  Bleach is being used.  Boxes are being emptied.  Things are being shredded.  Old clothes are being donated.

Think we should keep the hairy black and white number I found at the bottom of the laundry basket?

5 Comments to Clean house

  • Yes, Moxie did this on her own. I can’t imagine the carnage that would result from me trying to force her into such cuteness.

  • Dang it! I thought I’d be seeing photos of your apartment! It’s been TOO long woman. I demand photos! 🙂

  • Oh no! Not more “clean house”, Liz got stuck on that show consistently over the past few weeks.

    It’s the modern “lifestyles of the rich and famous”… except people have more clutter than we do and a ridiculous budget for doing a 100% remodel, all for just allowing people to go through their junk and throw it all away.

    Anyway, I’m just dropping a note to say “hi” to Dave for me. I hope things are going well as you guys rush up to your first anniversary.

  • “Clean House” is a great show! Makes me feel better about our own clutter by comparison…and really, isn’t that why we all watch reality TV?

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