In the neighborhood

Posted by Katie on June 06, 2009
Chicago, Family & Friends

My brother Michael moved into his new apartment in Chicago last weekend.  At only two blocks away from us, he is officially our neighbor.

He has the perfect bachelor pad.  He is on the top floor (I am JEALOUS, as I type this and listen to my neighbor upstairs doing what I can only assume is some sort of tribal dance which involves heavy furniture, but that is another story) of an older apartment building.  There is no air conditioning, but there is  a beautiful bay window and the apartment opens up with a nice breeze.  He has renamed the living room “the den”, of course.  And what bachelor pad would be a bachelor pad without a bar in the den?  PARTY at Michael’s!

Michael invited Dave and me over for dinner one night this week.  We packed up our folding lawn chairs (there may be a bar in Michael’s den, but there is also only one chair) and we walked over to his place for dinner.  We had a great time.  So often Dave and I only visit with our families during the craziness of a hectic weekend, for a special occasion or when we are on vacation.  This time, it was really nice to visit with family in the casualness of a weeknight dinner.

Welcome to the neighborhood Michael!

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