June = busy

Posted by Katie on July 13, 2009
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We kept ourselves out of trouble in June by working too much, traveling a lot and spending a horrible amount of money.

This picture is of our nieces Miriam and Katie playing in the sprinkler in California.  Pretty darn cute, no?

We traveled to California at the end of June for a wedding and stayed a few extra days for a mini vacation.  There was lots of visiting with family, although the whirlwind nature of the whole weekend left us feeling that we didn’t have enough of a chance to visit with anyone.  There was a baby shower.  There was a trip to the beach where I went swimming in a rip tide.  There was a really hilarious story of the hotel we stayed at also hosting a 150 member biker gang.  There was Michael Jackson music.

It was awesome.  We were exhausted.

So far July has consisted of staying at home for a major holiday and not much else.  Perfect.

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  • Aw cute! One of the best pictures taken. We really enjoyed having you guys out here.
    – Dad B

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