Summer plateau

Posted by Katie on July 19, 2009
Weight Loss

If not regaining any weight through all the summer festivities of weddings, parties, dinners out and just eating lots of good food I’ve been doing this summer counts as success on Weight Watchers, then I win!

But the trouble is that I have not actually lost any weight since the start of June, and I am still 15 lbs. away from my goal.  While I do have a brother-in-law who is a rocket scientist, his expertise is not required to figure out what the problem is.  Ever since starting Weight Watchers, I have given myself the flexibility to eat things that are above my allowed points limit for special occasions.  This summer there have been a lot of special occasions.  And with my recent travel schedule, I have gotten out of the habit of doing yoga and Nia several times a week.

So I am a bit discouraged, but the solution is clear.  Less fun.  Back on the diet wagon.

Dave has also hit a plateau in his weight loss.  The exact moment he stopped losing weight is a well known fact.  Easter.

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  • Brandon may know a lot about rockets, but I somehow don’t think that skill transfers over into sister-in-law’s Weight Watcher fun. Sorry. 🙂

    You’re still doing great! Keep up the good work and I know you’ll be at your goal before you know it. Just look at how far you’ve already come!

  • Wow — plateauing is great, considering your schedule has been thrown off! You have way more self-discipline than I do. I actually gained 5 lbs. in CA. 🙁 Back to lemon juice and flax seeds!

  • Hey Katie! I completely know how you feel, except for me, I got down 27 lbs and then gained 5 back. I’m still working on getting that 5 back off, but am getting there SLOWLY but surely. Slow weight loss will be longer-lasting… think Atkins and how quickly people gain back after losing it so fast.

    Keep you chin up! Up the exercise and start tracking POINTS again… that’s my game plan. You’re doing great and you look fantastic – be proud of yourself. Feel powerful!

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