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Posted by Katie on August 02, 2009

My sister Amy has been nagging me to post pictures of the new apartment…you know, the one we moved into in last November.  Ok, ok, we were a little slow to unpack and orchestrate everything. To be perfectly honest, we are still working on that!

Anyhow, I have come to accept the fact that I will never have all the rooms in the apartment looking organized and pretty at the same time.  So, I thought I would start posting pictures of the apartment in sections.  This will give me the chance to shuffle boxes and laundry from one room to the next!

This is what the guest room looks like without boxes and laundry.



4 Comments to Guest room

  • Ooh! Looks so cozy! Much better than the dungeon we consign our guests to. 🙂
    We’ll definitely have to come visit now. 😉

  • Now show me what’s UNDER that bed. 😉

    I really like it a lot! So much, in fact, that I think we’d like to start discussions of availability and room rates. Also, do you provide a continental breakfast?

  • Also, I wouldn’t call it nagging. It’s more like suggestive and repetitive demands of what you should do 🙂

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