Clean kitchen

Posted by Katie on August 16, 2009






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  • *bing!*

    So lovely. Your fridge is WAY too clean, though. My kids would be happy to clutter it up for you — shall I send over a ream or two of their drawings of princesses?

  • Very nice! I like your decorating style! =)

    Do tell… where did you get that beautiful display/china cabinet? I’ve been trying to look for one similar to that (that won’t break the bank) to display some of my collectibles, but everytime I find one I like, it’s horribly expensive!

  • Mrs. Pickles…you may have noticed that one of your princess inspired artists is already featured prominently on the fridge, secured fasted by the American Gothic magnet, of course.

    And for the Resident Murloc, my secret on the china cabinet…Craigslist. I paid about $200 for it, plus the cost of renting a truck for a few hours to pick it up. That’s how I found the island as well. I don’t know about the LA market, but in Chicago you can find all kinds of great used stuff on Craigslist.

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