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#36 – Done

Posted by Katie on September 10, 2009
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#36 – Return all of the pictures I used for our wedding to my Mom and to my Mother-in-law.


As part of the decoration for the reception at our wedding last year, we framed 120-something of our favorite family pictures.

This required sorting through boxes of old family pictures, which I always love to do.  Of course it also required buying 120-something frames, 120-something mattes, cleaning 120-something pieces of glass, scanning seemingly 10 times 120-something pictures, and printing the best 120-something of them.  We totally blew the color ink budget for 2008.

It was worth it.

Big thanks to both Moms who let us rummage through boxes of old pictures and were patient with us when we didn’t return all those pictures until the second year of our marriage.

And now we have 120-something matching frames in a closet.

One weekend, two families

Posted by Katie on September 07, 2009
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In true Dave and Katie fashion, we did not come home from California yesterday to a quiet apartment.

While we were away, my parents as well as my brother, Brian, and his wife, Katrina, all stayed at our place in Chicago.

Unfortunately, we did miss my parents this trip.  Brian and Katrina, however, spent last night in Chicago with us and are traveling home to Wisconsin today.  So with Michael and Katie, we all celebrated last night with a dinner out and a few drinks.



Yes, we have informed Michael repeatedly of how creepy he looks with a mustache!

And…NOW we have a quiet apartment…ahhh.

Little guy

Posted by Katie on September 07, 2009
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Meet baby Damien!

You know, Aunt Katie, you’re not supposed to drop me, right??  Right?  RIGHT??????

From the look on his face, he clearly senses my lack of baby experience.  Kids pick up on these things, you know.

Dave’s brother, Joe, and his wife, Anne Marie, recently welcomed their first child into the family.  We traveled out to hot and smokey California last week for a family visit and for Damien’s Baptism.  It was an honor for Dave to be asked to be Damien’s Godfather.


We both took Thursday and Friday off of work, and spent the extra time with Dave’s parents in Los Angeles.  The last several times we have visited with them have revolved around whirlwind family events.  While this visit included the Baptism, of course, it was nice to have a couple extra days to visit without too much chaos.

And now we are back in cool and lovely Chicago, with a whole extra vacation day!