#36 – Done

Posted by Katie on September 10, 2009
101 in 1001

#36 – Return all of the pictures I used for our wedding to my Mom and to my Mother-in-law.


As part of the decoration for the reception at our wedding last year, we framed 120-something of our favorite family pictures.

This required sorting through boxes of old family pictures, which I always love to do.  Of course it also required buying 120-something frames, 120-something mattes, cleaning 120-something pieces of glass, scanning seemingly 10 times 120-something pictures, and printing the best 120-something of them.  We totally blew the color ink budget for 2008.

It was worth it.

Big thanks to both Moms who let us rummage through boxes of old pictures and were patient with us when we didn’t return all those pictures until the second year of our marriage.

And now we have 120-something matching frames in a closet.

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  • You might already know this, but you can have scanned pictures printed out in like a CVS Pharmacy, or one of those places. They’ll print them out on the Kodak paper and it doesn’t cost that much. You’d probably save quite a bit on ink and paper. Hey, you never know when you’ll need to print 120 something pictures again. 🙂

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