#86 – Done

Posted by Katie on October 25, 2009
101 in 1001

#86 – Hem a pair of pants.

Funny story. I actually completed this task for the first time over Memorial Day weekend…yeah, a while ago. Then I wore the pair of pants to work the next day. I always wear sneakers on my way to work, as I walk a mile to the train. I have a collection of heels in my office that I can change into.  So it wasn’t until I was looking at myself in the full-length mirror in the office bathroom that I remembered you’re supposed to measure the hem while wearing the shoes you will normally wear with the pants before you actually do all the work.

Elementary school taunts of “high-waters” came clearly to mind, and I wore my sneakers around the office the rest of the day.

I have since repaired the damage and hemmed a few other work pants as well, so I’m calling this exciting chore complete.

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