Still alive

Posted by Katie on October 25, 2009

Dave and I have not vanished.  I could blame technical difficulties for my lack of blogging, but I won’t.


Have you ever seen “Man vs. Food” on the Travel Channel?  It’s this really disgusting cable show were the narrator travels around the country accepting challenges to eat mammoth quantities of food or food that is ungodly hot.  He gorges himself on 72 oz. steaks, 6 lb. burritos, habaneros dipped in jalapenos, and the like.  It is the exact opposite of Weight Watchers.  I can not explain my fascination with this show, except to say that maybe I am living all my high calorie meals vicariously through cable television. Or that I just really like crappy cable.

Anyhow, several weeks ago we went to one of the last Cubs games of the season.  They had no chance at the playoffs, and they lost the game anyway.  It was fun to hang out at Wrigley Field for the night, despite the freezing temps.

Before the Cubs game, however, Dave and I ate dinner at one of the restaurants that was featured on “Man vs. Food”.

Lucky’s specialty is the overstuffed sandwich, which includes coleslaw and fries…on the sandwich. The challenge is to eat three of these sandwiches in under an hour.  Only if you eat all three sandwiches in under thirty minutes, however, is your dinner free.  We were not there to accept the challenge, but it was fun to completely blow my Weight Watchers points on food made famous by crappy cable!

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