To cable or not to cable?

Posted by Katie on November 15, 2009
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Dave and I have been throwing around the idea of canceling cable for a couple months now.  Sounds like a fine idea, be we just can’t seem to bring ourselves to actually do it.

We do watch a lot of TV, but then we always end up watching the same things over and over again.  It’s to the point that we can’t just turn on the TV at 2 AM for a healthy dose of Forensic Files any more, because we’ve probably already seen that episode…twice.

And with me being sick for the last couple weeks, I have to be honest and say that I am more than a little burnt out on TV.

Really the motivation for canceling cable is in the money.  Cable is expensive.  And without cable, we can do things like read books and talk to each other.  But then, we have to entertain ourselves by reading books and talking to each other.

I’m curious to know your take on this.  Do you get by without cable?

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  • Shawn and I talked about cancelling cable when we moved (primarily to save money), but then we got an awesome deal and decided to keep it. Our plan was to watch all our favorite shows for free on So that’s always on option for you. 🙂

  • We have never had cable. If I had to pay for TV, I’d plant myself in front of it all the time to get my money’s worth. And having a kid is extra motivation for keeping the TV off. Try going without cable for a month or two. And if you really can’t take it, re-subscribe and get a great “new customer” deal.

  • Our cable TV is wrapped up into a deal with our cable internet and phone, so, meh, we keep it. And we definitely use it. =)

  • I went without cable for a long time due to financial issues. It’s funny how much you can get done when you don’t have the distraction of tv. You could always try it and if you don’t like it go back. And Carrie makes a good point about

  • I get free cable with my room and I choice not to use it! I find that I get a lot more done without it and really I don’t miss it that much! All the tv shows I really like and follow I can find on the internet.

  • Ok, we did cancel the cable.

    It turns out there is a fee to cancel, and they have to send out a service guy to actually disconnect it…probably prevents people from stealing cable somehow. So, we have at least another week to gorge ourselves on bad TV.

  • You can try going with Netflix too. They have tons of movies and shows you can watch instantly on your computer with no commercial breaks.

  • We haven’t had cable in a few years– Galen watches soccer at the bar, and we NetFlix or Hulu everything else… we’re surviving! 🙂 We watch PBS on Monday nights, but other than that we take post-dinner walks instead of lounging on the couch. It’s nice!

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