V is for Valentine’s day and Vacation day

Posted by Katie on February 18, 2010
Chicago, Valentine's Day

Dave and I celebrated a low key Valentine’s Day this year, making time for a date night out on Sunday.  And while Dave had the luxury of a 3 day President’s Day weekend, technically, I did not.  To solve this horrible injustice, I put my vacation days to a good use and took the day off.

After some deliberation about what we should do with our free day, we came up with the great cheap date idea of going to the Shedd Aquarium, which is hosting free admission this week.   Unfortunately, we were not the only people with this brilliant idea.  It turned out that the wait to get into the aquarium was pushing 2 hours.

Dave and I promptly agreed that we are not cheap enough to stand out in the cold for 2 hours, and we paid full price to get into the Field Museum.

So, instead of learning about fishies, we learned about dinosaurs…

And found conclusive evidence of alien presence in ancient North American Indian tribes…

And when it was closing time at the Field Museum, the line for the Shedd Aquarium, which was staying open late to accommodate the crowds, was non-existent.

We did get to see fish after all, but a formidable mad-dash through a few main attractions would best describe our visit.

On walking into the aquarium, however, someone approached us with extra tickets to Fantasea, the dolphin show.

We were excited to see the show…for free…but it was honestly a disappointment.  It’s really just a rock concert style theatrical performance, to which any non-deaf person should bring earplugs.  It includes a plant child and mother in the audience who by “random luck” participate in the show, flying canoes, grown men dressed as fairies and an occasional animal.  While the animals are cool, they make up about 25% of the show.  My sister, Amy, tells me this is how things go at Seaworld, but I’ve never been.  I prefer the old school dolphin tricks on crappy bleachers at the zoo.

Fantasea may be best described by one of Dave’s favorite web-comic authors who lives in Chicago and recently chronicled an hourly comic which includes a reference to the show.  Check out the 6:38 PM time slot.

Dolphin light show complaints aside, we had a really great day.

Especially when things are busy and it’s cold out, it’s easy for Dave and me to focus on the daily chores and get in the rut of our own habits.  We need to make more of a conscious effort to get out of the apartment and do something different on occasion, lest we become too grouchy and reclusive.  Turns out married people should go out on a date every now and then!

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  • “Turns out married people should go out on a date every now and then!”

    I agree!

    The problem is finding a baby sitter you feel completely good about, so as not to constantly worry while you’re out on the date.

    Joe & I try to go out at least once a month, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. *shrug*

  • After going MONTHS without a Date Night, Mr. Pickles & I finally bit the bullet and budgeted the cash for regular babysitters. For the last 2 mos. we’ve been out together almost every week, and it is SO nice! We know lots of homeschooling families (big families produce the best babysitters!) with older girls with whom we feel totally comfortable leaving the kiddos. When the newbie joins the family in the summer, we’ll just bring baby along and leave the older ones with the sitter. We’ve been more relaxed about this the more kids we have — Joseph got to see “Wall-E” and “Dark Knight” in the theaters with us (oohhh… glowy screen…). 🙂 I don’t feel comfortable leaving our babies with non-grandparental sitters until they’re over 1. But we’re one of those crazy attachment parenting families. 🙂

    I highly, highly recommend regular date nights for marital happiness. You really need that fun time together. Glad you guys had such a great day!

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