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Posted by Katie on March 28, 2010
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Don’t tell anyone, but the Easter Bunny has been hard at work this weekend.

We’re hosting my family for Easter this year, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyone know how to cook a ham?

St. Francis puzzled

Posted by Katie on March 25, 2010
101 in 1001, Daily Life / 6 Comments

Check out the cool puzzle Dave and I did recently.

This doesn’t count towards my puzzle goal (#33 – Completely assemble a 5,000+ piece puzzle).  It was only 1,000 pieces.

#68 – Done

Posted by Katie on March 25, 2010
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#68 – Host a game night.

Dave and I have hosted a handful of Saturday night game nights this winter, all of which have been lots of fun!  It’s a great new tradition with dinner and friends.

In addition to hosting game nights, however, Dave and I have been playing a lot more board games with just the two of us.  We bought a couple new games for Christmas last year and it seems to be a cheap evening activity that we both enjoy.  I am aware of the nerd factor.

My sister-in-law brought up an interesting point recently in the comments section.  When you eliminate something negative from your life, you should replace it with something positive…lest you become bitter and grouchy for not having the thing that you gave up in the first place.

This concept definitely applies to our giving up cable TV.  I’m embarrassed for how difficult of a decision this was for me, but I’m glad that I’m no longer watching hours and hours of Intervention every Monday night.  The uncontrollable crying at 1 AM was making me look hungover at work every Tuesday morning!

Anyhow, games are just one of the positive things we are using as a replacement for crappy TV.  Dave and I have also been reading a lot more, although we’re a very long ways away from mastering the art of reading the same book and sharing an intelligent conversation about it.  As Dave said the other night, “Time to indulge in our respective forms of literary crack.”  Vampire novels and car magazines… you can guess who likes what.

Broke back

Posted by Katie on March 24, 2010
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My back has been in pain for a while now.

And after my self prescription of ignoring the pain until magic fairies made it disappear wasn’t working, Dave successfully nagged me into going to a chiropractor.

The x-rays show that two of my vertebra go a different direction than up, and the doctor says that the damage is consistent with trauma.  I realize that I’m clumsy and all, but have no recollection of an incident that moved two of the vertebra in my spine.  Probably Dave punches me while we’re asleep.

So, now I’m going to physical therapy three times a week and dreading the next time the chiropractor ties me up in a pretzel and throws all of his body weight into my 7th vertebra.

Must work faster

Posted by Katie on March 22, 2010
101 in 1001 / 1 Comment

I started running the numbers on my 101 in 1001 list, and I’ve successfully crossed off (and properly documented) 22 items.  There are a few others which I have completed, but have not yet written about on the blog.  And there are a handful of items which are already in progress.  Check back soon for more posts.

Anyway, all this means is that I still ONLY have 556 days to complete and document the remaining 79 things.  For you mathematicians out there…that means that I am 22% done, while I have used up 45% of the time…but if you’re really a mathematician, you could have figured that out on your own.

And I’m just now noticing how very unrealistic (#84 – Every work night, be in bed by 11 PM…clearly I had just suffered trauma to the head when I wrote that) and expensive (#73 – See Yellowstone National Park, #74 – See the Redwood Forest, #75 – See the Grand Canyon, #76 – See New Orleans…we’ll just ask our bosses for 50% raises and 3 months of vacation time) some of my ambitions are.

I might make a few tweaks to my list, but for the most part I still agree with all of these goals…I just need to work faster…and be willing to carry a few of these goals over to the next 101 list!


Posted by Katie on March 20, 2010
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Speaking of my birthday and of drinking wine, I woke up on Wednesday morning to find a present at my front door.  My brother, Michael, had left me a bottle of wine, a plastic wine glass to drink on the go and a St. Patrick’s Day cookie.  And the gift came with clear permission to drink before work.  For the record, I didn’t actually drink wine before work, but I did love the surprise.

Dave and I celebrated my birthday night with a fancy dinner out.  I know it was St. Patrick’s Day and all, but I didn’t really feel like eating corned beef and cabbage or getting drunk on green beer with a bunch of wanna-be Irish.  Instead we headed to a new restaurant in our neighborhood, Mexique.  The food was fantastic, and apparently not many other people think of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Mexican French fusion food, so we had a quiet table to ourselves all evening.

So, here it is…32.  The number doesn’t bother me, it never really has.  It does, however, seem like I should be a mature and responsible adult by now.  Maybe that’s at 33.  Or maybe that only comes with kiddos.  Or maybe we should all just give up hope on that one!

Happy Easter!

Posted by Katie on March 20, 2010
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It’s Easter.

Ok, well not technically.  But that didn’t stop us from celebrating Easter one night last week.

My sister, Maggie, really has quite horrible luck when it comes to having to work on major holidays.  There was that Thanksgiving not so long ago, when Maggie was living with me…oh, never mind…it was not pretty.  I love you Maggie!

Anyway, this year is no exception, and Maggie is required to be the RA on duty in her dorm on Easter Sunday.  She and one of her friends spent a couple days with us last week visiting over Ball State’s spring break, so we took the opportunity to designate one of the days as “Maggie’s Easter.”  It was great to hang out with Maggie on a major holiday for once, and it was the perfect excuse to open a couple of bottles of wine during Lent!

Liberal interpretation, I am well aware.  Don’t judge.  Even the Easter Bunny left his presents!

So we had wonderful company and good food.  And they surprised me with an early birthday cake, which was quite yummy, and much appreciated.

Hope you had a happy “Maggie’s Easter!”

Latest obsession

Posted by Katie on March 07, 2010
Cars / 2 Comments

This is Dave’s newest passion in life.

The 24 hours of LeMons, a play on the real French race of the 24 hours of LeMans, is basically a form of endurance racing which involves getting a team of 5 people together (hopefully one of whom knows an awful lot about car mechanics), purchasing a vehicle of your choice AND fixing it up for no more than $500, and then racing for 2 days.  I believe that you’re lucky to keep your car in running order and have it cross the finish line, let alone collect the $1,500 top prize.

This sport is obviously not about the financial upside potential, but more about the glory of being the fastest redneck.

I recently received a long awaited raise at work which amounts to almost exactly $500 extra in the monthly budget.  Dave sees this as a clear sign that God approves of his racing endeavors.