Broke back

Posted by Katie on March 24, 2010
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My back has been in pain for a while now.

And after my self prescription of ignoring the pain until magic fairies made it disappear wasn’t working, Dave successfully nagged me into going to a chiropractor.

The x-rays show that two of my vertebra go a different direction than up, and the doctor says that the damage is consistent with trauma.  I realize that I’m clumsy and all, but have no recollection of an incident that moved two of the vertebra in my spine.  Probably Dave punches me while we’re asleep.

So, now I’m going to physical therapy three times a week and dreading the next time the chiropractor ties me up in a pretzel and throws all of his body weight into my 7th vertebra.

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  • Aww, bummer! You mean the magic fairies don’t work?? This doesn’t bode well for my sciatica…

    (Glad you’re getting it taken care of, if not in the most fun way.)

  • Didn’t you have a bicycle accident a while back? Could’t that have affected your back?

  • Katie, you should just come to my clinic, silly. We can do the PT and the chiro and get you better a lot faster. If you can, at least look for someone that does Active Release Technique and McKenzie Technique. (Or just call and Dr. Paul will help you out)

  • Mom B – The bike accident was 4 years ago. I did talk to the doctor about it, but there is just too much time that has passed for it to make sense.

    Jess – Thanks for thinking of me!! I misunderstood what type of doctor you work for…thought it was sports medicine…which I guess is similar to the chiropractic stuff. Thanks for the tips…I just googled ART and McKenzie. I did find a doctor close to my office that I am pleased with so far. The pain is getting better…just slowly!

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