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Posted by Katie on March 25, 2010
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#68 – Host a game night.

Dave and I have hosted a handful of Saturday night game nights this winter, all of which have been lots of fun!  It’s a great new tradition with dinner and friends.

In addition to hosting game nights, however, Dave and I have been playing a lot more board games with just the two of us.  We bought a couple new games for Christmas last year and it seems to be a cheap evening activity that we both enjoy.  I am aware of the nerd factor.

My sister-in-law brought up an interesting point recently in the comments section.  When you eliminate something negative from your life, you should replace it with something positive…lest you become bitter and grouchy for not having the thing that you gave up in the first place.

This concept definitely applies to our giving up cable TV.  I’m embarrassed for how difficult of a decision this was for me, but I’m glad that I’m no longer watching hours and hours of Intervention every Monday night.  The uncontrollable crying at 1 AM was making me look hungover at work every Tuesday morning!

Anyhow, games are just one of the positive things we are using as a replacement for crappy TV.  Dave and I have also been reading a lot more, although we’re a very long ways away from mastering the art of reading the same book and sharing an intelligent conversation about it.  As Dave said the other night, “Time to indulge in our respective forms of literary crack.”  Vampire novels and car magazines… you can guess who likes what.

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  • Have you ever played Carcasonne? It’s pretty much a tradition in Shawn’s family, and it’s rather addicting (we keep adding the “expansion packs”).

  • Our big games recently have been Settlers of Catan and Small World. And Dave is totally into Formula D the board game…of course!

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