Posted by Katie on March 28, 2010
Easter, Family & Friends

Don’t tell anyone, but the Easter Bunny has been hard at work this weekend.

We’re hosting my family for Easter this year, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyone know how to cook a ham?

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  • Sure! You drive up to a Honey Baked Ham store, tell them you need a ham for X number of people, and they give you a ham! It’s amazing!

    Actually, I usually get the grocery store’s honey-glazed spiral-sliced model, and then heat it up at home, following the label. If you want a more authentically home-made ham, Joy of Cooking also has a rockin’-awesome honey-mustard glaze that I use frequently for ham steaks. I can get you the recipe if you’re interested.

  • LOL…those Honey Baked Hams are pretty delicious…and proportionally pretty expensive!

    I’ll break out my Joy of Cooking book tonight and check out the glaze recipe. Thanks for the tip Mrs. Pickles.

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