#97 – Done

Posted by Katie on April 06, 2010
101 in 1001, Moxie

#97 – Teach Moxie to scratch something other than that chair.

Dave tells me that I should go ahead and count this as being done before Moxie changes her mood and goes back to scratching our chairs.  She’s actually been good lately and is USUALLY scratching the scratching post…like the good cat she is usually not.

The fancy organic citrus anti-scratch sprays that we used religiously on our furniture did not work.  The ugly sticky plastic strips that we used on our furniture did not work either.

What seems to be working in the end is simply moving the scratching post to the middle of the room…located right between our two chairs.  A little positive reinforcement…making Moxie feel like the center of attention…is what she responds to.

3 Comments to #97 – Done

  • I’m trying to imagine how many…how very very many…band-aids we would need to purchase before attempting to glue plastic caps over Moxie’s nails.

    Seriously, you have a cat that puts up with that sort of torture?

  • I missed this comment – sorry!

    The first few times, it was a bit like arm wrestling an octopus. He’s gotten used to it and condescendingly tolerates it now.

    One of us – meaning me – wraps Jim in a towel, making sure all his legs are tightly swaddled – good practice for parenting. 😉 – and releases one paw at a time. The other one – meaning Steven – has the softpaws already filled with glue and we just put them on. If we need to, we trim his nails super quickly and then slip it on.

    Just make sure it’s a REALLY big towel. Arm wrestling clawed octopii isn’t very easy.

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