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Posted by Katie on April 27, 2010
Chicago, Family & Friends

This last weekend was a very enjoyable whirlwind.

Dave’s cousin, Phil, was in town for work for a couple days last week.  He brought along his lovely wife, Rachel, and their cute little baby, Libby, for the ride.  It was a really fun visit, with lots of baby snuggling and several parties with family and friends.  I love it when we have visitors.  Being centrally located in Chicago is paying off.

Upon mentioning the cuteness of the baby to my Mom, however, she promptly intensified the, “When do I get a grandchild, already?  Just conceive a child now, PLEASE.  You don’t love me unless you give me a baby.  I would like to spend time with my grandchildren before I die” comments.

Also this weekend, my little sister, Morgan, who is not so little anymore because she is off to Nursing school in the fall, was confirmed on Sunday.  Dave and I made a day trip to Indiana on Sunday so that we could be at her Confirmation.  I’m really glad we made the trip.  It was great to see Morgan and spend a little bit of time with my family.

All this family fun, combined with a little sleep deprivation and a lot of work drama, makes Katie and Dave want take Wednesday off work just to sleep all day.  We won’t really do that.  I have lots of work to do, and Dave gets free bagels at work on Wednesday mornings.

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  • A note to mothers and mothers-in-law everywhere: Repeatedly asking about when grandchildren are coming does nothing to increase the odds. 🙂

  • As a mother/in-law with some experience in this area, I firmly believe that the decision to have children is strictly between the husband and wife and God. Period. (I will never nag/hint/nudge!) And I will pray for whatever is best for you according to God’s will. 😉

    God bless you both!

  • So are you pregnant yet? Sheish! I’m only going to live for another fifty years and I want to watch these grandchildren graduate Med school! 😉

  • Impersonating your mother on the internet, for shame, Rocketwife!

    While I could see her saying that, everyone knows she doesn’t read our blogs.


  • I have a friend who was so annoyed with nagging would-be grandparents that she & her husband didn’t tell anyone they were finally expecting until they were about 7 months along.

    You could threaten your mom with doing that. Then she’d miss out on the fun of nagging you about taking care of yourself while pregnant. 🙂

  • So is “that friend” me? Or are many of your friends in the habit of remaining mum for that long. (No pun intended)

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