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Posted by Katie on May 06, 2010
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I can’t count the number of times that I did this puzzle as a kid.  It was my favorite by far, and has seen a bit of wear and tear over the years.  Note the missing pieces and those which have been glued back together.  I recently found this puzzle when cleaning out boxes in my parents’ basement, and had to bring it back to life.

And I have been very pleasantly surprised to learn that Dave enjoys doing puzzles with me.  As Dave says, “Of course I like doing puzzles with you.  It’s something we can do together without talking all the time.”

Ok, I’ll take it.

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  • That’s not QUITE how I put it! I simply said that one nice aspect of puzzles was that if we ran out of things to talk about or the conversation lagged, we were still spending time together.

    I really enjoyed this puzzle, although knowing beforehand that at least one piece was missing added a new dimension of uncertainty when we were trying to fill gaps (am I looking for a piece that isn’t here, or am I going blind?)

  • We have a 3-dimensional mansion puzzle that we pull out every few years. The last time we worked on it, Miriam was old enough to help — in fact many times she was better at finding pieces than we were!

    Nana always had a stash of puzzles whenever we visited — my favorite had a picture of different kinds of chocolate with strawberries and a bronze kettle which reflected everything around it. That took us a whole vacation to finish!

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