#6 & # 24 – Done & Done

Posted by Katie on May 13, 2010
101 in 1001

#6 – Get a full physical.

#24 – Get full family medical history from both families.

Ugg…going to the doctor.

All I will say is that Dave and I both survived, but it wasn’t pretty.  Actually, Dave didn’t really mind so much.  It was I who wasn’t pretty.  I seem to have developed an intense hatred of going to the doctor.  No, hatred isn’t the right word.  If I’m being honest, the right word is fear.  Just ask my sister about that time she called me to let me know about her dream…the one where I was diagnosed with cancer and died suddenly.  These things are not to be joked about.

But now Dave and I know that we are both basically alive and healthy.  We both need to eat more veggies, loose a bit of weight and exercise more.  Hearing these things has been a motivating factor, and we both have been back on the healthy wagon this last week.

Oh, and let’s all say a quiet prayer that our future children get my charming personality, but Dave’s genes.  I have to say that in going through both family medical histories, I learned that I married up in the gene pool!

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  • Physicals are no fun. I still put them off and dread them. (says the expectant mother who is now going to the doctor every week…) OB visits are different — I think they’re fun (mostly).

  • Hi, Jessica here from Smarter Will (http://www.smarterwill.com/) I did not see “address wishes in a last will” on your 101 to-do list but being that you are married I would highly suggest you add it. We would like to discuss a sponsorship for you if you are interested, if not, thanks for the great stories and keep up the good work!

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