Squash sequel

Posted by Katie on May 20, 2010

Since my recent spaghetti squash try, I’ve been keeping my eyes on the squash section at the grocery story.  I know, you can’t stand it, our lives are so glamorous and extravagant.  Please try to get past the excitement!

Anyhow, last night I made acorn squash with green beans and lemon thyme chicken.  Following the sticker that came with the squash, I split it in half and baked it face down at 400 for 45 minutes in a bit of water.  Then I flipped the squash over, seasoned it with salt and pepper and continued to roast for another 5 minutes.

So easy!  Where have these squashes been all of my cooking life?

The flavor was mild, with a slight sweetness.  Think of a very light sweet potato…sort of.  In my opinion, it does need a bit of spice.  Next time I might add a kick of cayenne.

Now you can get back to your own life, which I can only assume is horridly more exciting than mine!

3 Comments to Squash sequel

  • I tried squash (acorn maybe?) filled & baked with apples once. The flavor was really good, but I just couldn’t get past the texture. I guess it’s because my only previous experience of squash was scooping out pumpkins for Halloween, which was always mildly gag-inducing. Some things are too deeply ingrained to grow out of!

  • If you like squash, I have the great-aunt for you!! Come next fall, you and Dave will be receiving home-grown spaghetti squash by the truckload once Auntie Claire hears about you’re squash-friendly cooking. She lives in Lake Zurich and always tried pushing them on me… but Galen hates squash, so we always say no thanks. Next year will be squashtastic!

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