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Posted by Katie on May 23, 2010

Please help settle a disagreement between Michael and me by selecting the answer which most closely aligns with your reaction to this picture.

a) You have a tasteful decorating sense.  I particularly like what you’ve done with the pillows.

b) You are 32 years old, and you still have a futon instead of a real live sofa???  You fail as an adult.

c) I need to leave the room immediately.  ALL of those pillows are threatening my masculinity.  I’m off to chug beer and drag-race something…in that order.

d) None of the above.

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  • This post completely fails to address the issue that you guys are fighting about. The question is “are six throw pillows too much for a futon?”

  • My choice is (a). I really like the way the pillows add interest to the sofa – the “more than oriental splendor” of the pillows contrasts pleasingly with the simple understated brown couch. Also, you need option (e): We are too far above mundane concerns to worry about having a futon rather than a sofa. It serves as a comfortable place to sit, and is not offensive to the eye. That’s sufficient.

    (I should note, in fairness, that I am not widely celebrated for my interior decorating style.)

  • Option x) [because ‘X’ is just a cool letter!] Keep the pillows, keep the futon, get a couch cover (resembling a bed sheet, only a bit thicker and heartier… maybe even faux-suede!) in a cream color to match the designs on the red pillows, and then apply a simple oriental throw (square throw, so it can be hung in a diamond pattern) over the back of the futon. Suddenly the futon is no longer a futon, but a designer couch. (Be sure not to hide the wood finishes. Those add nicely to the designer effect.) =)

  • In addition to my last post:

    I changed my mind about the oriental throw. To much design clutter. Plain would be better. Here’s one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond that would compliment the pillows (I like the little tassels):

    Cream suede cover for the futon might be a bit pricey, but it’s cheaper than buying a couch. =p
    Found a pretty one from Linens-n-Things (guessed the size of the futon was a full):


  • Regarding the futon cover, camel or bone colors might also go. I can’t really tell in the picture if the red pillows are mostly cream designs or gold designs.

  • No redecorating necessary.

    Michael complains about these pillows…a lot! All I’m looking for is confirmation from the internet that Michael is wrong.

  • (e) You should add a Bolster pillow or two, they are interestingly shaped and crucial for neck support when lounging!

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