Baby Daniel

Posted by Katie on June 16, 2010
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Daniel James was born into the world on Tuesday June 15th at 1:30 AM.  He started his life in the most curious manner.  Mrs. Pickles delivered Daniel at home…oh and not on purpose.  Mama and baby are healthy and happy…resting peacefully in the hospital now.  I can not put into words the level of amazement I have that Mama stayed calm and was able to handle the delivery herself before the paramedics were able to reach the house.  Bravo, Mrs. Pickles, bravo!

As my godson, it somehow seems fitting that the little guy has started to cause problems from such an early stage.  And as my godson, I will pray extra hard for the little guy.  Looks like he might need it.

Welcome to the world Daniel!  You knew EXACTLY when you wanted to join us.

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