Posted by Katie on June 23, 2010
Chicago, Summer

One more stormy summer night in Chicago.

And one more rainbow.  This time from our back deck.

Are these things good luck?  Because we could use a little good luck.

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  • Oh man, the sky was CRAZY last night!! I’m the only person without a camera phone (or a camera in tow), but it would have been good to have one on hand.

    I came out of the grocery at 9 and the sky was lit up yellow– by the time I got home, it was yellow clouds with pockets of purple, blue, red, and orange sky popping through.

    Glad you caught a picture!

  • Mom B., no bad luck in particular…but I’ll take any good luck that is available!

    Jess, did you hear the tornado sirens going off last night?? Scary.

  • Lana – LOVE! I got married here (Willowbrook Mill) in October and it’s amzinag how different the seasons will make a place look. Magical place, magical photographer capturing it! Great job Jill 🙂

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