More pillows!

Posted by Katie on June 26, 2010

After my recent sewing project, Maggie commissioned me to make some pillows for her.  These should brighten up her new college apartment quite nicely.

The fabrics she selected are beautiful, but I now have a million tiny silver shreds over every surface in the apartment.  Next time, Maggie, cotton.  Please.

I’ve spent more than enough money at Joann Fabrics recently, and have all the supplies for a couple upcoming projects.   I’m graduating from pillows to aprons and skirts.

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  • Those pillows are straight pimping!! They look amazing! Also, I think it should be mentioned that the fabric was selected in order to match my Giant S. My room is going to be bling blinging this year!

  • Wow, so pwetty!! Our living room pillows are slowly disintegrating — you’ve inspired me to recover them. I like the bling!

    btw a great book for making your own skirt patterns using your own body measurements is “Sew What Skirts” — I borrowed a copy from a friend to make a few notes, and found myself copying 3/4 of the book!

  • Thanks Mrs. Pickles. I just looked up the book online and might just order it. I’ve been reviewing the patterns that I bought and a Singer 101 sewing book that my Mom gave me (copyright 1969). I think I can sort through most of it, but am still learning.

  • How beautiful! I want some of these for the war room of my orbital fortress…
    – The dark Lord

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