Posted by Katie on July 09, 2010
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I don’t talk about work on this blog for an exceptionally good reason.  Remember when Dooce got, well “dooced”, for telling her work stories to the internet?  Yeah, well, my stories would beat up her stories any day…except I don’t want to get fired.  We need to pay the rent.

Anyhow, what I will tell you about my work is that we recently moved offices.  It was hectic and unorganized.  And after a full week and a half in our new space, we still do not have internet or phones.

Close eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Walk away from coworkers.

Through the move, lots of things were thrown out.  This is one of the things that I found in line for the dumpster…

A quick call to Michael (the guy with a pickup truck) and we are now the proud owners of fully restored 1904 VV-XI Victor Talking Machine.  It does have a few minor dents, but the mechanics seem to work perfectly.  I can’t quite test this theory, however, because it requires old 78 rpm records…of which I have none.

I have no idea what to do with it.  I simply didn’t have the heart to see such a beautiful piece thrown in the dumpster.

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  • I’m not sure what the inside of it looks like, or if you can take out the talking machine part, but that would make a BEAUTIFUL liqueur cabinet!

  • I think we have some 78 rpm records. A. Mary Ellen might also have some of G & G Bellands’ old 78s. My late Aunt Sadie used to have a recording player, and we might even have the record they made at Nana’s baby shower before I was born.

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