Posted by Katie on July 29, 2010

During our recent trip to Virginia, we took a family field trip to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum.  I would have previously only asked to go the Smithsonian, but my public school education did not inform me that there are quite a few museums in the collection of Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC.

And on our field trip, we got to see the Hope Diamond.  Pretty, sure.  But the experience reminded me of the time I visited the Louvre in Paris and saw the Mona Lisa.  Did you know that the Mona Lisa is only 30″ x 21″?  I didn’t know this fact until I was standing in front of the painting in Paris, shocked not to see a mammoth work of art in front of me, but a swarm of tourist huddling around a small portrait.

I am not writing this to minimize great works of art or natural wonders.  Quite possibly, I am simply further revealing my public school education by saying that I was expecting a bigger diamond.

The Hope Diamond is cool.  And with its current 45.52 carat cut, it is actually less than half of its original size.  But I was surprised that wasn’t the size of a small melon…or at least an orange.

What can I say?  I had envisioned a bigger diamond.

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