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Old pictures of airplanes

Posted by Katie on August 13, 2010
Chicago / 3 Comments

As I write, I can hear the planes over Chicago practicing for the Air & Water Show this weekend.

While I’m not able to see anything from my window, I do have pictures that we took from the show two years ago.  I can definitely identify one of these, maybe two.

Puzzle time

Posted by Katie on August 09, 2010
Relaxation / 6 Comments

This 1,000 piece M.C. Escher puzzle has consumed many of our waking hours over the last week, and has got Dave a bit flustered talking about relativity.

Note to self…color in jigsaw puzzles is horribly useful.

#35 – Done

Posted by Katie on August 09, 2010
101 in 1001 / No Comments

#35 – Go on a day long bike ride with Dave.

Maybe I should have more clearly defined the metric of “day long”, but I’m going to go ahead and declare this one as “done”, mostly because my butt tells me that there is no way in which it would be pleasant to bike any further than we did on Saturday.  Dave, Michael and I took a tour of the Lake Shore Bike Trail, and clocked a full 24 miles for the day. 

Tour de France, no.  My definition of “day long”, yes.