Puzzle time

Posted by Katie on August 09, 2010

This 1,000 piece M.C. Escher puzzle has consumed many of our waking hours over the last week, and has got Dave a bit flustered talking about relativity.

Note to self…color in jigsaw puzzles is horribly useful.

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  • Have you guys seen the episode of Warehouse 13 where they go inside this painting? It’s worth watching that episode just to see that scene. Well, the whole thing is pretty good if you’re into kind of show. 🙂

  • Also Inception has an M.C. Escher-ish scene. Good puzzle! Color is helpful. Edy and I are doing “One hundred chickens and a worm” 750 piece puzzle right now…all the colorful chickens are done, now to the black and white ones!!

  • Katie, that is so funny! I laughed so hard at that! I am a DuckTales fan, but I didn’t know about the comics! Who knew? Yes Inception had a lot of action but at least it wasn’t gory. I like a good car chase and gun fight now and then.

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