#44 through #48 – Done and/or Void

Posted by Katie on September 23, 2010
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#44 – Start dressing more professionally at work (i.e. all suits and no hair bands).

#45 – Organize all of my contacts at work.

#46 – Completely organize my files and desk at work.

#47 – Start bringing in clients at work.

#48 – Redecorate my office.

While I did on some level accomplish all of these things, I’ll blog about the thing that was easy to document in pictures.  Plus, you don’t really want to real about my files, do you?

When we moved office space this summer, I had a great opportunity to redecorate and shed some really crappy art.

Old office.

Old office art.  Note that the “art” is not hung evenly.  Staring at this for 4+ years could explain some of my mental health issues.

But then there was the old office view.

Not bad.

Business changed, however, and the company downsized.

When the move happened, my office changed as well.

I got a bigger office.

Better art, which I insisted on hanging myself.

More space.

But the view did suffer.  Seriously, I could not contort my head in any way to see blue sky through this window.  It was good fun to people watch though.

Where am I going with this post?  Well, all of this no longer matters.  I quit my job this week.

Don’t let my lighthearted tone lead you to think that this was an easy thing to do.  It was not.  But it was the right thing to do both personally and professionally.  My job had its quirks, no question, but it was at one time very good for me.  And I accomplished some great things there.

Times change, however, and I thank God that I have a new opportunity.

Next chapter.

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  • I saw the old office in real life, and the new was a huge improvement! No papers on the floor! I hope the new job goes well.

  • LOL

    Yeah, despite everyone’s yelling, my boss just didn’t understand the concept of “paperless”. His assistant would print out all of his e-mails for him, and his idea of copying you on an e-mail was to actually copy the e-mail and leave a piece of paper on your desk. Yes, there were piles of paper everywhere.

    The funniest was when I caught him faxing a joke e-mail to someone.

    Good times.

  • Same kind of work Sara. I work as a recruiter for a retained executive search firm. Just a bigger company now, with a brighter looking future!

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