Did you miss Moxie?

Posted by Katie on September 24, 2010

Moxie spent some time on vacation this summer too.  She came home with fleas.

The lesson I have learned is to forget about home remedies.   Giving the cat a bath is no one’s favorite chore.

Just go to the vet!

2 Comments to Did you miss Moxie?

  • A falconer’s glove would be handy! I do use heavy duty leather gloves (the kind you use for yard work) when we trim her nails, which we were smart enough to do right before this bath.

    You can still see that her left paw is gripping my shirt pretty tightly. For the rest of the evening she acted like we had betrayed her or something.

    The funniest bit is that the shampoo bottle proclaimed “pets love it!”

    False. Advertising.

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