#84 – Done

Posted by Katie on October 30, 2010
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#84 – Every work night, be in bed by 11 PM (1 month).

Of all the things on my list, this is the one that I almost crossed off because I just knew that it would never ever really actually happen.  Well, I was wrong, it did happen.  And it didn’t even take any discipline on my part, it just coincided exactly with the first month of my new job!  I assume that parenthood has a similar effect.

The job is going well!  Keeping me busy.  I have some really good projects to work on.  I’m starting to do a couple days a week downtown, which makes work/life balance a lot easier.  The idea is that I will have a permanent office downtown by the first of the year, making the commute to the burbs the exception, not the daily routine.

In addition to the new job, October has been a great month for fun weekends.  I have lots of pictures to share of recent events, and have a whole free weekend to do whatever I want.  Updates to come.

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