Posted by Katie on October 31, 2010
Chicago, Family & Friends

Also in October weekend fun, we had lots of baby snuggles with our godson Daniel…

Our favorite Pickles stopped by for a couple nights as they made a grand road trip through the eastern half of the United States to see family and friends…with four kids.  Brave people, I tell you, very brave people!

I was a little worried about the fact that our apartment isn’t exactly kid proof…a cat with claws, chemicals under the sink and knives within reach of tiny hands…but we did survive injury free!

And fun was had by all.

The penguin slide finally got some serious love.

Katie learned to fly a helicopter…also known as a “hockerpocker” in some circles.

Miriam gave us a beautiful piano concert.

And adventures were had at the local playground…the one that I had walked by almost everyday for two years without venturing into.

What people say about how hard it is to get kids to smile in the same direction…it’s true.


Uncle Dave got to practice keeping small children alive.  See Dave, you can do it.

And Katie being silly.  Funny thing is I didn’t notice this shot until I started scrolling through the pictures today.

Good times!

It was wonderful to have the Pickles as our guests.  I only wish we lived closer, so that we could visit more often.

Everyone survived the weekend…with the kid unfriendly apartment, pointy cat and all.  The only one of us who was seriously traumatized was Moxie!  Oh, and quite possibly our downstairs neighbor, who I personally thank for not knocking on the door at 7 AM on Saturday to ask why we had suddenly adopted a really bouncy football team.

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